Stay Comfortable All Year Using Heat Pumps in Gainesville VA

Heating and cooling a home is a difficult task, especially when that property is rather large. The typical option is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system since this appliance provides treated air for the whole building in both winter and summer. However, forced air systems like the HVAC may not be the most efficient method of treating indoor air. This is partly due to the delivery system that can lose heat or cold as the air flows through it. Thankfully, there are options like the split or ductless system and Heat pumps in Gainesville VA. In fact, heat pumps may be the bet choice simply because they are designed to use less energy for the same amount of treated air.

Heat pumps, like all refrigeration systems, are heat exchanges. They handle this task by compressing a refrigerant, so it changes state. This gives the refrigerant the ability to accumulate heat and transport it to another location, usually outdoors. If the Heat pumps in Gainesville VA are used for warming a building, then the system is reversed. That is, the heat pump now uses the condensing coil as an evaporator coil and collects the heat from the outside air. How is this possible? When the refrigerant makes the state change, its temperature drops below that of the ambient air. This means the surrounding air is warmer than the refrigerant, and the system can collect heat.

Like most air treatment systems, the heat pump needs a way to distribute the treated air. This can be handled with the common air duct, or it may be possible to use a high-velocity air delivery system. This particular delivery method makes use of smaller pipes, about two inches or so, that are easily installed inside walls or below joists. To reduce the footprint even further, the vent for high-velocity systems is also very small. This allows the illusion that the building is naturally cool because the air delivery system can be placed in inconspicuous locations. An additional benefit is less chance of damaging the air vents with furniture and clumsy feet. Visit website and learn more about heat pumps and how to have one installed.

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