Reducing Allergens and Airborne Pathogens with Air Cleaners

The air in a home can be much dirtier than the air outside because airborne toxins stay trapped within the walls longer. Families would be surprised to learn how many allergens and contaminants are in the atmosphere of their homes. Air Cleaners eliminate problems like this that have the potential to make people ill. The equipment models are intricately designed and clean the air on an air change per hour basis. In other words, it means how well Air Cleaners purify the air in an hour’s time. Someone who has allergies would find relief from airborne toxins with a cleaner that produces four or more air changes per hour. That would mean the unit can clear a room of allergens and contaminants every fifteen minutes.

The filters of air purifiers are made to last much longer than before. Filters are made to trap particulates as small as 0.3 microns. They catch these tiny particles with more than 99% accuracy. Filters of good quality don’t have to be replaced as often and perform with optimal efficiency. Families with pets and people who have allergies need filters that trap pet dander and reduce pet odors. It’s important for all families to have filters that abate the growth of bacteria in the air and eliminate mold spores and viruses. Homes with mildew and odors from cigarette smoke could use odor remover filters. Air purifiers are not made to take up space or be an unsightly unit added to a room. Many filters can be mounted to a wall to save space and have panels that personalized designs can be placed over.

Ventilation systems is a second feature that can be used to keep clean air circulating in rooms. It can be coupled with heating and cooling appliances to keep the right level of air circulating through rooms. It has an automated measurement system that sets ventilation levels based on square footage and how many rooms are in the building. Settings only need to be adjusted once for the unit to do its job. Contact to browse more climate and air quality control systems.

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