Replacement vs. Commercial Air Conditioner Repair in Centerville OH

As the weather warms, older HVAC systems will face greater strain, and the decision whether to repair or replace an aging AC system may be too much for a commercial property owner to face. Most industrial units have a life expectancy of up to twenty years. However, uncontrollable factors often dictate the reliability and cost efficiency of operating the system during its lifespan. That’s why it is important to thoroughly evaluate each component before making the decision to get Commercial Air Conditioner Repair in Centerville OH.

Learn the System’s History

The evaluation process begins with the gathering of information, including installation, maintenance and repair records. If the building owner doesn’t have the information, they should call a contractor and tell them that they’re evaluating the equipment to decide whether to repair or replace. A contractor’s evaluation will give the manager a chance to gauge the company’s competency and level of customer service.

Inspect Parts

The unit’s overall appearance will give important information on its quality and the level of maintenance that’s been provided. A technician can do the inspection according to manufacturer recommendations, heeding all safety warnings. Cabinetry should be fastened to prevent water from getting into or out of the unit, and filters should also be clean. A clogged filter reduces the system’s efficiency, increasing negative air pressure and pulling dirt and debris into the air circulation system.

Review the Information

After the evaluation, the building owner can learn a substantial amount about the system. As the information is reviewed, the warranty coverage should be determined. Based on records and inspections, the unit’s condition should be assessed. Poorly maintained equipment is less reliable and efficient, and operating costs are higher. When debating whether to repair or replace an HVAC unit, the building owner should consider the unit’s age, its service contract status and its condition.

Current and future operating expenses can leave a manager better equipped to make the decision to replace the unit rather than get commercial air conditioner repair in Centerville OH. In many cases, it costs less to put in a new unit than it does to continue maintaining an old, outdated one. Contact us to find out how a high efficiency HVAC unit can offer utility savings that help to defray the cost of replacement.

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