4 Myths Commonly Heard by Cooling Services in Bryn Mawr

Those who live in hot climates have picked up tricks to stay cool during the summer without spending too much on cooling. In many places, having a working AC unit isn’t a convenience, it’s a necessity. However, even if an air conditioner isn’t necessary, homeowners should have a system that works well without breaking the bank. Below are some common myths heard by cooling services Bryn Mawr, along with facts that can help customers stay cool and save money.

Turning the Dial Up Will Help the House Cool Faster

In actuality, turning the thermostat down won’t cool the house any quicker than if the AC was left at a lower setting; it will only use more energy at a substantial cost. Many users turn the thermostat down lower than is necessary, but they don’t realize that it’s ineffective on central HVAC units.

It’s Better to Leave the AC on Than to Turn it Off When Leaving

This one is highly inaccurate, and if the unit makes noises when it’s switched on or off, it’s likely old enough to need replacement. Those who forget to turn the AC off when leaving could benefit from a programmable thermostat, and cooling services Bryn Mawr can install one that works well with the existing system.

Energy Efficient Units Save Money Automatically

While it’s certainly true that efficient units can help customers save up to 50% on monthly bills, it only applies if the right unit is chosen, and if the homeowner practices energy-conserving habits. As with a thermostat, the easiest way to get the right unit for the home is to call a licensed installer in the area.

Using the System Less Often Keeps it in Better Shape

Just as with other pieces of equipment, HVAC systems need periodic service to ensure proper operation. However, not using the system at all does not make it last forever. A unit’s average lifespan is roughly 15 years, but if it’s not used or cleaned often, dirt and debris can collect in the ductwork and in the filter. This makes the unit work harder and less efficiently, and it can put harmful pollutants into indoor air.

The simplest way to ensure safe, efficient operation is to have the system inspected twice yearly by , a local HVAC repair service.

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