Reasons to Invest in New Air Conditioning in St. Louis, MO Now

Winter is over and summer will be here before anyone knows it. Considering the way that the air conditioning system performed last year, the homeowner is not all that crazy about the idea of high temperatures with humidity levels to match. One way to deal with the situation is to invest in new Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO before summer arrives. Here are some of the reasons why this approach makes sense.

The System is Old

Thinking back, the current system is well on the way to being two decades old. Given how many years of faithful service it has provided, the fact that the system cannot produce the results of years past is no surprise. Now is the time to retire the old unit with honors and arrange for new Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO to take its place. If the unit is installed before summer arrives, dealing with the heat will not be such a big deal.

The Cost of Repairs

While it never hurts to see if making some repairs or replacing a few parts would add new life to the unit, be prepared for the worst. If the contractor provides a long list of things that need to be done, complete with a lot of expense, step back and find out what it would cost to install a new unit. Assuming the expense is only a little more than making all those repairs, purchasing the new unit makes sense. Along with getting a warranty on the new system, the odds of it failing in the next several years are minimal.

New Bells and Whistles

Another reason to go with a new unit instead of sinking more money into the old one is the features that will come with the replacement unit. For anyone who has ever boarded a plane only to wonder if the thermostat at home was changed prior to the departure, the convenience of having the system connected to a home network is obvious. By using a wireless connection to access the network, it is easy enough to check the setting and change it if necessary.

For anyone who thinks the time has come for new air conditioning, call the team at Courtney’s Heating & Cooling today. Once the right replacement is chosen, sit back and get ready to enjoy the cool air.

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