Lower Cooling Costs Using an Expert Air Conditioning Service in Baltimore, MD

Now that summer is close at hand; it is time to quit postponing some of those important tasks. One of the most crucial of these jobs is Air Conditioning Service Baltimore MD, and the main reason for this is that the heat of summer can increase both the workload of the system and the stress it is under. Keep in mind that the AC is designed to move heat and, when the outdoor air is hot, it can make it difficult for the system to release the accumulated heat.

Another reason that AC service is important for the health of a comfort appliance is that an experienced contractor such as Farnen Dermer Inc. will need to check the refrigerant level. This serves multiple functions. First, a proper refrigerant level reduces electrical usage because the condenser isn’t working as hard. Second, and possibly the most crucial, the refrigerant carries the lubricant that the condenser requires to reduce wear and friction.

Of course, no Air Conditioning Service Baltimore MD is complete without proper cleaning of the air exchanger. This is the portion of the appliance that sits inside the home. Consider the typical HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. The air handler is often located in dusty areas such as attic spaces and usually requires annual cleaning. A buildup of dirt and debris can affect air quality, but it can also reduce the service life of the appliance. For instance, dirt on the evaporator coil can clog the flow of air, or it could allow the coil to freeze, which may cause it to rupture.

If the appliance was made before the year 2006, then there may be other problems. This is mostly because the federal government has mandated a change of chemical refrigerants, and this change means that older appliances may be more expensive to repair and maintain. If the system is showing major signs of wear or a severe loss of refrigerant, then it may be time to consider an upgrade. This issue is something that the property owner will need to discuss with the contractor before any serious repair work begins. It might actually save some money if the aging system is upgraded instead of repaired. Click here to learn more about AC maintenance, service or replacement.

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