Tips to Avoid the Need for Emergency Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE

Today’s air conditioners are models of efficient operation. However, many people make the mistake of ignoring ongoing maintenance requirements, leading to expensive emergency repairs. Whether a unit is installed poorly or it’s been improperly maintained, homeowners can Browse the website and do certain things to avoid making a call for emergency Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE.

Start a Regular Maintenance Program

The easiest way to reduce the need for emergency AC repairs is to regularly maintain the unit. HVAC units are like any other machine; without lubricant, regular tune-ups, and replacement of certain parts, catastrophic failure is all but certain. Homeowners can replace the air filter monthly, and they can call Accurate Heating & Cooling to have the ductwork and evaporator coil cleaned periodically.

Don’t Hide the Unit

Another commonly-made mistake behind many emergency AC repairs is surrounding the unit with shrubs and trees. These plants often lose leaves and twigs, which can get stuck inside the unit and reduce its ability to breathe. If the unit is already concealed, it should be regularly inspected for obstructive debris.

Use Ceiling Fans Properly

Contrary to popular belief, using ceiling fans during AC operation is a good way to take stress off the unit. However, if the homeowner chooses this approach, the fan needs to rotate in a certain direction. According to advice from Energy Star, fans should be set to blow downward rather than to draw air up. When the hot air is blown downward, it is circulated into the ducts and cooled more effectively.

Leave the Thermostat Alone

Another primary cause of AC failure is frequent thermostat adjustment. In many cases, people turn the thermostat down because they believe it will cool the home faster. While this is true to an extent, it also causes undue stress on the unit, leading to the need for emergency Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE.

Don’t Turn the Unit Off and On Frequently

Just as in the above tip, frequent on/off cycling can lead to extra stress on the unit, especially during the summer. AC units work best when they’re properly maintained and consistently operated. When the unit is forced to cycle on and off, internal parts wear down much sooner.

If homeowners avoid these five mistakes, they’ll find themselves making fewer emergency AC repair calls. They’ll save money and time while enjoying properly cooled indoor air. Browse website for More information.

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