Choosing New Water Heaters in Fort Collins CO?

Chances are that the water heater that’s been in the house ever since the property was bought is about due for a replacement. Water heaters only last about twelve to fifteen years, and if it’s been that long since the water heater was last changed out, it’s probably time to get a new one. But what kind will do? There are multiple options to choose from these days.

All water heaters have their good features. The standard Water Heaters Fort Collins CO homeowners would usually pick is the old, reliable 55 gallon storage tank model. Heated by gas or electricity, this model is usually sufficient for most home usages and can heat up 47 gallons within the first hour of heavy usage. This measure, known as First Hour Rating (FHR) may be more useful as a standard than the gallons-per-minute (GPM) gauge for deciding which heater system is best. The standard tank water heater described here is good for two showers, a shave, and one meal preparation all taking place simultaneously. Much heavier water usages for a large family is supported by a condensing water heater. Based around a much larger tank, this type recirculates heated exhaust gases or air that would otherwise simply be expelled wastefully through the flue to add to the heating capacity of the unit.

A tempting option to choose is a tankless water heater. This design heats water on-demand. The heating element is contained within a unit which attaches directly to the plumbing line. However, this type is more ideally suited to homes in which light to moderate usage is anticipated and may not be suitable for a family situation. Heat-pump heaters draw heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the stored water. However, these units do not work well in very cold spaces and require at least seven feet clearance in the utility area as the heat pump is mounted atop the water tank. Their great advantage is that they operate for 60% less in energy cost than other designs. The “greenest” option is a solar water heater, of course. But these need a backup heating element for cold and cloudy days, and are not suited for homes located in more northerly latitudes.

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