5 Things to do Before Calling for HVAC Service in Baltimore MD

It’s easy to tell when something’s not right, especially where a home’s HVAC system is concerned. However, a gut feeling does not always mean that it’s time to call a contractor. Below are some things homeowners can do before calling Farnen Dermer Inc. for HVAC Service Baltimore MD.

Check to Determine Whether the Home is Receiving Electrical Power

It can be hard to notice if there’s a power outage during the day, especially if the home gets plenty of natural light. If the HVAC unit isn’t getting power, the homeowner should first check the main power supply. It’s surprising how often this is the cause of the problem.

Check the Unit’s Air Filter Before Calling a Technician

Many people forget to do it, but the unit’s air filter should regularly be changed. The filter prevents pollen, dust, dirt and other materials from entering the home. If it isn’t changed, especially in dusty, dirty areas, it can quickly become clogged, preventing the free flow of air through the system.

Check the Thermostat’s Batteries Before Calling

Some homeowners forget that the thermostat runs on batteries, which eventually need to be changed. If the thermostat’s display isn’t lighting up, it may not indicate a problem with the HVAC unit; it may just be a sign that it’s time to change the batteries.

Check the Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker

A tripped circuit breaker is the cause of many AC issues. It’s easy to reset the unit’s breaker if it has been tripped. However, the homeowner should consider that breaker only trip when there’s a good reason. If the problem persists or the breaker trips again, the customer should call an HVAC contractor or electrician.

Check the Exterior of the Unit

The outdoor HVAC unit is an entrance point for air going into the home. Debris can easily be sucked onto the unit’s surface, causing reduced airflow and negatively affecting efficiency. Homeowners should keep at least a three-foot clearing all around the unit to ensure adequate airflow.

Air conditioners fail for a variety of reasons, and some are more serious than others are. Homeowners can take the steps above to solve minor problems and prevent bigger ones. However, if the tips here don’t work, it’s time to Browse The Website for HVAC Service Baltimore MD.

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