4 Reasons to Have Emergency HVAC Service

In the heat of summer, the easiest way to keep cool is to ensure that a home’s AC system works properly at all times. Systems require periodic maintenance to remain efficient, but even with regular service a system may need replacement or repair. Below are four reasons customers call for Emergency HVAC Service.

Improper Condensation Drainage

When a unit’s evaporator drain line becomes clogged, water will collect in the drainage pan. When the water becomes sufficiently high, it triggers a sensor that deactivates the blower. Additionally, an overflowing drain pan can damage the floor under the blower. If the blower is in the home’s attic, as many are, this can damage the ceiling. In some cases, a homeowner calls a technician only to discover that the blower isn’t working because the drain pan is overflowing. Here, the fix is simple; the technician will empty the drain pan and remove the clog to restart the blower.

Low Refrigerant

Without enough refrigerant, a home’s AC system will not blow cool air. If the homeowner does not catch the issue early enough, the condenser will freeze and stop working. When this happens, the technician will thaw the unit and fill it with enough refrigerant to return it to proper working condition. If the condenser cannot be thawed, the customer may need to pay more for a new unit.

Non-Working Condenser Fan

In some cases, the condenser fan may quit running, stopping the air from flowing properly. This occurs for two main reasons. First, the capacitor may need replacement, and second, the fan motor may not be working. In either case, an emergency AC repair service can restore the unit to full function.

Non-Functional Blower Control Board

The blower control board supplies power to the system’s various parts. When the board no longer works, a tech will replace it. However, they will first examine the system’s other components to ensure that another part is not causing the problem.

These are just some of the reasons a system needs Emergency HVAC Service. Typically, Accu Air Mechanical LLC will try to repair the unit before recommending replacement of the condenser unit, blower or entire system. While replacement is the last resort, it might be the only way to restore the system to functional status. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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