Commonly Asked Questions Addressed By HVAC & Air Conditioning Contractors

In Arizona, homeowners review maintenance requirements for their HVAC systems. They define when to replace outdated systems and what they’ll need for new installations. The following are commonly asked questions addressed by HVAC & Air Conditioning Contractors.

How Does the Sound Rating Apply to New Units?

The sound rating defines the total noise pollution produced by the unit. Homeowners need units that possess high volumes of insulation as well. This factor also reduces the noise pollution. The rating defines if the unit creates any major disturbances for the homeowner. They need a unit that has the best rating to achieve a more peaceful home.

What are Precision Tune-Ups?

They are maintenance strategies HVAC contractors follow for repairing and maintaining air conditioning units. They include visual inspection, lubrication, and cleaning services for the unit. The tune-ups are performed on a seasonal basis. The price of the service depends on the contractor who performs it. A complete cost estimate defines this price.

What Does It Mean When Ductwork Pops When the System Engages?

This is a clear indication of an inferior ductwork installation. This condition should never occur. The homeowner who notices this sudden popping noise needs to acquire new ductwork. In most cases, the culprit is the size of the ductwork. Under these conditions, it is too small for the unit.

Do Homeowners Have to Replace the Inside and Outside Units Together?

Yes, they need to replace both units. The reason for this is that if they replace one, there isn’t a guarantee of compatibility. Mismatched units lead to higher energy consumption. The other unit may have existing parts that lead to service disruptions. Plus, if the existing unit goes out, there isn’t a guarantee that the homeowner can acquire the matching unit. By replacing both units, the homeowner receives a warranty for each installation.

In Arizona, HVAC contractors address common problems experienced by homeowners. These problems are remedied with tune-ups, new installations, and proper maintenance. Contractors provide sound advice for homeowners when they need a new unit. Homeowners who need to hire HVAC & Air Conditioning Contractors visit website for more information today. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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