Tips for HVAC Unit Maintenance in Urbana to Increase Unit Longevity

A home’s HVAC unit is an investment in the residents’ comfort. As such, it makes sense to protect that investment with regular inspections and maintenance. Most homeowners know to call a technician for these services each spring and fall, but many do not realize what exactly is involved in HVAC Unit Maintenance in Urbana.

A maintenance technician will check and clean all of the wiring and mechanical workings of the unit in addition to checking the basic safety of the unit. This includes ensuring that outdoor units are firmly placed on level ground and that all component electronics are functioning as intended. This work should be done by a licensed professional, as it can be dangerous if performed by an untrained individual and often requires specialized knowledge and tools.

However, there are also steps that home owners can take in between official maintenance visits to increase the lifespan of their HVAC units. For those who have never performed a visual inspection of their own units, that’s a good place to start. Make sure that any outdoor elements are clear of leaves, grass, and pollen. There should be at least two feet of clear space around outdoor heating and AC units. This inspection should be performed at least once a month.

In addition to checking outdoor elements for debris buildup, inspect the refrigerant lines each month. Should any signs of wear or leaks appear, call an experienced contractor? Many choose to have air filters replaced by a professional, but this procedure can be safely performed by the homeowner. Air filters should be replaced at least once every three months. Consider switching over to high efficiency pleated filters if they are not already in use. In the summer, the water can be turned off to the furnace humidifier to save the equipment some wear and tear, but it will need to be turned back on in the fall. The humidifier filter should be replaced prior to turning the water back on.

If that sounds like too much work, call in a maintenance professional. Cassel Home Comfort specializes in HVAC Unit Maintenance in Urbana in addition to new unit installations and repairs and can perform any and all needed routine procedures at a reasonable price, saving home owners hassle and increasing the life spans of their heating and cooling units.

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