The Benefits Provided by a Residential HVAC Contractor in McLean, VA

Today it is rare to see even the most hard-core DIY homeowners tinkering with central air or heat. That is because modern systems depend on advanced technology and must be serviced by experts like Vernon Heating and Air Conditioning. These HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) experts will keep systems efficient, improve the quality of indoor air and provide money-saving replacement units.

Maintenance Services Keep Homes Comfortable

Modern air conditioning and heating systems are more effective than earlier models, but also require routine care to stay efficient. As a result, local residents trust their residential HVAC Contractor in McLean VA to keep equipment humming. In fact, the businesses typically offer affordable service club memberships that guarantee units are ready for each season. They include benefits like 28-point inspections and system tune ups. Customers are also entitled to priority repair service. Certified technicians evaluate systems twice a year and ensure that homes will stay comfortable in any weather.

HVAC Technicians Protect Indoor Air

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported that indoor air can have 2-5 times more pollution than some industrial areas. Air can degrade due to humidity, temperature or years of collected allergens. Chemicals, pet dander and mold may accumulate indoors and contribute to watery eyes, sneezing and asthma. Dry air can increase the chances of getting a cold, while excess moisture allows mold or mildew to grow. These are just some of the reasons why HVAC businesses include detailed information about clean air on their websites and invite clients to “Contact Us” for an inspection. A residential HVAC contractor in McLean VA can test air and offer custom solutions. These can include air cleaners or scrubbers, UV lights, whole-house filters and humidifiers or dehumidifiers. Specialists will also clean air ducts, to remove irritants.

Eco Friendly Replacement Units Drive Down Costs

HVAC contractors also replace or upgrade furnaces and air conditioners. They can provide a variety of new, energy efficient systems. The latest units reduce customers’ carbon footprints while lowering utility bills. In fact, the U.S. Government has reported that just replacing all furnaces with Energy Star rated units would save customers $171 million dollars and reduce greenhouse emissions equal to the output of 177,000 autos.

HVAC businesses offer preventative maintenance that keeps A/C and heating efficient year round. They can also identify and correct indoor air pollution. In addition, technicians will provide and install energy efficient systems that help clients lower utility costs.

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