Beat the Heat Rolling Off of the Plains With Reliable Ac Repair in Fort Collins CO

The air conditioner is an important tool for improving quality of life, but there are times when this appliance may fail. For instance, an AC that functions for extended periods is vulnerable to failing mechanical components. These include the condenser unit, blower and any switches that force the system to cycle. The latter are extremely important and there are several of them. One switch is used to turn the condenser on and off while another activates the blower. Faulty switches are one reason that homeowners require emergency Ac Repair Fort Collins CO.

The typical AC cools a home by using a chemical refrigerant. The appliance actually removes heat from the building and this is done by compressing the refrigerant and cycling it through a series of coils. As the compressed refrigerant passes through the evaporator coil, located somewhere inside the home, it collects heat from the air around the coil. This is possible because compressing the refrigerant causes a state change and lowers the temperature of the chemical. The lower temperature also chills the coil so that air passing through it can be used to cool the building. As the heat is collected, the state of the refrigerant changes again. Any collected heat is then exhausted through a coil on the outside of the building. The problem with this method of cooling is that moisture develops inside the air exchange where the evaporator coil is located. This can result in frozen spots on the coil and the need for reliable Ac Repair Fort Collins CO if the coil ruptures. Visit here for more details.

One way to reduce the chance of AC failure is to have the appliance serviced on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend that the system is serviced once a year, usually in the early spring before a load is placed on it. Typical maintenance services should include a visual inspection of the hardware and testing of the refrigerant level. The latter is crucial because the refrigerant carries the lubricant required by the condenser. A low lubricant level could result in the failure of an expensive component and an unexpected Ac Repair Fort Collins CO. In fact, many condenser failures result in the replacement of the appliance because the cost of that particular item tends to be expensive. Get more information about air conditioning maintenance and repair from the experts at Paul’s Plumbing & Heating.

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