Keep the Family Comfortable All Year Using a Residential HVAC in Binghamton NY

There are various ways to cool a home such as the portable AC and the split or ductless appliance, but the most common comfort system in use today is the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). One reason for this is that the HVAC can provide treated air throughout the winter and summer extremes. The typical Residential HVAC in Binghamton NY comes in two main pieces. The first is the condensing unit that is placed outdoors. The other will be located inside the home, typically in an attic or a space created just to hold the unit. Both portions are important for proper function because the condenser moves the refrigerant that cools the home and the internal cabinet houses the furnace that provides warmth along with the air exchanger.

The most important thing that a homeowner must remember when using an HVAC is annual maintenance. Maintenance should involve cleaning the system as required and testing its various components. For instance, the AC portion of the appliance should be serviced at the end of winter or early spring before the unit is placed under a heavy load. This is necessary to determine if the evaporator coil is becoming blocked and whether the refrigerant is properly filled. Low refrigerant levels can result in expensive repairs because this chemical also carries the lubricant that protects the condenser from friction damage. Condensing systems are generally the most expensive components on a Residential HVAC in Binghamton NY.

One common problem with the AC portion of an HVAC is freezing around the evaporator coil. This issue can develop for various reasons, but the most common is a dirty coil. Dirt builds up on the coil because the filter cannot keep all of it out. It becomes a problem when the dirt mixes with the condensation that normally occurs inside the AC. The result is a blockage that prevents air flowing through parts the coil and this allows cold spots to develop. These areas quickly freeze and could even result in a rupture. Damage such as this can get expensive because the coil cannot be repaired. Replacement is the only option because of the pressure requirements. Please click here to learn more about HVAC systems.

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