Beneficial Strategies for Running Central Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO

Technicians who install, maintain and repair central Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO can offer numerous tips to the homeowners to reduce their electric bill during the hot weather months and to keep the equipment in excellent working condition. One important strategy is to remove debris from on and around the compressor, which is located outside the building. Leaves, evergreen needles and pine cones, as well as tree seeds, can fall on top of the compressor and get inside. Much of this can be prevented by covering the top of the compressor when summer is over. Covers are available at stores if the homeowners are particular about the appearance of the equipment; otherwise, simply setting a board on top will do.

Clearing away debris from around the compressor is important too. The system produces heat and needs to dissipate that heat effectively to run efficiently. That is difficult when leaves and other organic debris accumulate around the machine. In addition, it’s essential not to block the air flow with bushes and other plants growing too close to the equipment. It’s OK to shield the compressor with shrubbery or a fence as long as there is plenty of room for air circulation. Homeowners can ask specific questions about these matters when a technician from a company like Courtney’s Heating & Cooling arrives to do the annual maintenance and inspection of the system.

Raising the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees before leaving for the day saves energy during the summertime. In addition, air filters for central Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO should be changed frequently. Changing the air filter once a month is not unreasonable. If a pleated filter costs $9, that’s still only 30 cents a day to take some of the workloads off the system. Clogged, dirty filters force the equipment to work harder. That uses more electricity and shortens the lifespan of the air conditioner. If the home has a furnace, the air exchanger is shared between the furnace and the central air system. Changing the filter regularly is beneficial for this heating appliance as well and will cut fuel costs.

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