Cleaning A Window Air Conditioner’s Condenser Is A Common Residential Air Conditioning Repair In Austin, TX

A window air conditioner’s condenser may become clogged with dust after a unit is used on a daily basis for a while. The following project describes how to dislodge dirt from metal pieces that are part of a condenser and clean a unit’s interior and cover.



•shop vacuum cleaner

•wire brush

•coil cleaner



•lint-free cloths

•fin comb

•mild detergent

•spray bottle

Cleaning A Condenser And Straightening Metal Pieces

Before beginning a cleaning project, a unit’s power should be turned off and a tarp needs to be draped across a floor to collect loose debris. After removing a unit’s cover, a shop vacuum cleaner’s hose should be moved across metal pieces that are part of a condenser. If dirt is trapped between metal pieces, moving a wire brush briskly back and forth over metal may be helpful.

Coil cleaner should be applied to the surface of a condenser. After a cleaning agent has a foamy appearance, a damp sponge can be moved over metal to remove dirt. A lint-free cloth should be used to dry metal. If metal pieces are bent, the tip of a fin comb can be used to bend pieces back into shape.

Cleaning A Unit’s Interior And Cover

A small amount of mild detergent should be added to a spray bottle that is filled with water. After mixing the contents in a bottle for several seconds, a cleaning agent should be sprayed across interior portions of an air conditioning unit. A damp sponge can be used to wipe off surfaces that have been treated. A unit’s cover should be cleaned in the same manner. If any dust is stuck between a cover’s vents, a vacuum cleaner hose can be used to loosen and collect dirty substances. A clean, lint-free cloth should be used to dry a unit’s interior and both sides of a cover.

A unit’s cover should be placed over the front of an air conditioning unit before determining if a Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX was completed properly. J & S AIR INC Austin TX can assist with any type of Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX, installations, and maintenance needs.

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