Typical Repairs for Residential Heating in Claremont ,CA

While people in the Claremont, California area may not be giving a great deal of thought to the heating aspect of their HVAC system, now may be the best time to consider getting that aspect of the HVAC system tuned up and ready. It is true that colder temperatures aren’t on the horizon anytime soon, so if a system requires significant repairs, this is a great time to figure out what needs to be done. From there, it’s important to take the time to get the parts or save up the money to have the system properly fixed.

Common Heating Repair Issues

The problems with Residential Heating in Claremont CA can be quite extensive. A number of the issues that people have are dependent on the type of heating system. One of the most common types of heating systems is a forced air system. In addition, a heat pump system is also quite popular. Common issues that happen with these particular units are failures in the air handler unit.

A Lack of Warm Air

For air conditioning, a compressor unit will use liquid coolant to super cool condenser coils so that when the air is pulled in over these coils it gets significantly cooler. Then that air is amplified with a high-powered fan that moves it through the home. However, for heating, these condenser coils are super heated, allowing the air to warm up before it is pushed through the duct system. If the heating element that heats up the condenser coil fails, the system won’t push out warm air, making it difficult for the home to be comfortable.

Replacing a High Powered Fan

In addition, the high-powered fan that amplifies cold or warm air can wear down over time. This high-powered fan works constantly over the summer and winter, and over the years, this use can take its toll on the fan motor. In these situations, replacing the fan unit will solve the problem.

Residential Heating in Claremont CA may require minor or significant repairs. That’s why if your system wasn’t working the best last winter, taking the summer and having the system checked out and repaired as necessary will put you ahead of the game before the temperatures drop.

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