Signs Your HVAC Unit May Need Replacing

You may think it is not that difficult to tell if your HVAC unit needs repairs, but that is simply not the case. It could be a very hot day, and the house just doesn’t feel as cool as it usually does. So, you ask yourself if it’s the unit’s inefficiency, or is it due to the hot weather? Day after day your unit struggles, and since you don’t notice a huge difference in how cool the rooms are, you never get around to calling a repair person. Those daily struggles will take their toll, and you may end up needing a new unit and services of HVAC installation in Fayetteville. Here are some signs to look for:

Weak Air Flow

Weak air flow coming through your air conditioning vents is one of the first signs of a problem with your heating and cooling system. This could mean your unit’s compressor is failing, or that the duct work is having a problem. Either way, your HVAC system is in urgent need of help.

Unusual Sounds

Rattling, grinding, or squealing sounds coming from your HVAC unit may be a sign of trouble. The noises typically show that something inside has failed and needs replacing. It could be as simple as a belt, or it could be as serious as a motor burning out.

Odd Odors

Foul smells or pungent aromas coming from the area surrounding your HVAC may mean your unit’s wires or insulation surrounding the wires has caught fire and burned. A musty or rotting smell may indicate mold has developed inside the unit, which can be dangerous to your health.

Replacement or Repair

It may be difficult to know what is wrong with your HVAC unit, but paying attention to these warning signs can save your family a great deal of money. Whether your system needs to be repaired, serviced, or replaced, consider talking to a trusted professional about HVAC installation in Fayetteville. Visit website for more information.

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