Comprehensive Services for Furnaces in New Haven IN

Furnaces in New Haven IN are still the most common way people heat their homes. Whether fueled by gas, propane, or oil operating a furnace can be expensive. Pricing depends on unpredictable circumstances, such as supply and demand, accessibility of the fossil fuel, the global economy, and the political climate. Comprehensive services can reduce costs and prolong the life of the furnace.

Inspections and Tune-ups

Annual inspections and tune-ups are the most cost-effective ways to make sure the furnace is operating at maximum efficiency. Detecting minor repairs before they become major problems will save money on parts and labor. A twenty-point tune-up is offered by experienced companies, like Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning, for example, typically just before cold weather begins.

Supplementing a Furnace

Higher prices and longer winters have led many homeowners to seek ways to supplement Furnaces in New Haven IN. Putting on a sweater does not always keep occupants warm. Electric heaters can be used, but that only raises the electricity bill. Kerosene heaters are an option, but they can be a fire hazard.

Wood and pellet stoves are ideal for heating large sections of the home. Owners can turn the heat down and still be comfortable. This drastically reduces utility costs. Be sure there is proper ventilation and the chimney is clean for safety.

Alternative Heating Systems

Homeowners have an opportunity to switch to a more energy-efficient heating system when a furnace has to be replaced. Boilers, heat pumps, wall mounted space heaters, and generators are a few options. Geothermal and solar energy are also money saving and energy-efficient ways to heat a home.

Some systems, like geothermal heating and cooling, will require a larger initial investment. The return on that investment can reach one-hundred percent within a few years. Substantial savings continue every year after that.

Proper Maintenance

Any type of heating system will operate better with proper maintenance. The benefits are numerous in terms of costs. Fewer repairs are needed, the system runs smoothly, and people are less likely to experience a heating failure in the middle of the winter. It is so critical, companies offer a variety of maintenance plans to encourage people to take proper care of their systems.

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