Evaluating The Condition Of Heating And Cooling Systems

The heating and cooling system in a home in Atlanta is a critical part of staying comfortable throughout the year. The last thing anyone wants is to come home to an air conditioner that isn’t running in the summer or a furnace that won’t come on during a cold snap in the winter.

The good news is that there are ways to evaluate the overall health and potential remaining life cycle of any home HVAC system. There is also a simple way to extend the life of the HVAC system, with both of these issues handled during an annual HVAC system maintenance check.

The Maintenance Basics

With a heating and cooling system of any type from a heat pump and air condition to a furnace and AC unit combination, maintenance typically includes a twice a year visit to the home by the HVAC company.

In Atlanta, it is very common for a homeowner to use one HVAC company for all their needs. These companies become trusted resources for the homeowner and, when completing the maintenance work on the air conditioner and heating system, they can also let the customer know of any potential issues with the system.

Planning for Repairs or Replacement

During the maintenance work, the technician will also take a close look at all components of the HVAC system. They will notify the homeowner of any issues with the system that may not need immediate repair but may need repair in the near future.

This allows the homeowner to choose to proactively make the repair, which may be effective at lowering the cost and also reducing the risk of a more significant issue in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

If the heating and cooling system is reaching the end of its life cycle and is no longer efficient or cost-effective to repair, the homeowner in Atlanta will have the heads up from the technician. This notice will allow for budgeting and time to choose a replacement model before the next season rolls around.

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