​ How to Care For Your Heating And Cooling in Neenah WI

Caring for a heating and cooling system will ensure a home is comfortable all year long. Without maintenance, repair issues can begin to arise that lead to a breakdown. One of the most important things a homeowner needs to know, is how to properly maintain their Heating And Cooling in Neenah WI.

Maintenance Chores Keep Systems Working Properly

One of the most important tasks a homeowner can do for their Heating And Cooling in Neenah WI is to make sure they change the filters. Most manufacturers recommend monthly changes but this should not be fully relied on. Depending on the environment and the amount of use, a filter may grow dirty before the one-month mark. Checking the filters on a regular basis will help to ensure they are changed before they become overly clogged.

Another task an owner can do is to make sure they keep their outdoor unit clean and free of debris. When cleaning the fan cage of a unit, it is imperative a homeowner is careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care. Most fan cages can easily be removed and then a wet/dry vacuum can be used to clean out the unit. This should only be done while the electricity is shut off, to avoid electric shock.

Some Maintenance Is Best Left to the Professionals

There are some maintenance tasks that should only be handled by a professional because it takes knowledge of the system and special tools to carry them out. It is wise for a homeowner to schedule their maintenance for their cooling system in the spring and their heating system in the early fall or late summer. This will help to ensure the systems are ready for the upcoming season when they will be used frequently.

Call For An Appointment

If your heating and cooling system is in need of maintenance or is experiencing service issues, call right away. An appointment can be scheduled to meet your needs. so your system will be taken care of. To learn more about the services that are available, Visit us on the website. With routine maintenance, you can rest assured your system will perform as it should.

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