Are You Properly Caring For Your Air Conditioning in Davenport FL?

Caring for an air conditioner helps to keep it operating at its optimum level so damage does not occur that can lead to a breakdown. Unfortunately, not all homeowners know how to properly care for their Air Conditioning in Davenport FL. This information seeks to help owners become aware of the easy steps they can take to keep their air conditioning system operating as it should.

Easy Steps For Keeping an AC System Maintained

It is important homeowners are able to understand what maintenance chores can be handled easily and which are best left to the professionals. The following steps should be carried out on a regular basis for the best results:

  *     One of the most important and most neglected areas is the filter. When a homeowner does not change their filter as often as they should, they will find dust and debris are able to enter the internal components of their system, leading to reduced function and wear and tear. They will also find their home stays dustier and harder to keep clean. It is important filters are changed every thirty days, or sooner if dirt builds up and clogs the filter.

  *     A common reason for leaks to occur is the draining hose, sometimes referred to as the weeping drain. This area ushers excess condensate from the tray to the outside of the home. When it becomes clogged, water can begin to flow over the tray and inside the home. Keeping this area flushed with a simple bleach mixture will keep clogging mold and mildew growth away. This should be done once a month during use.

  *     Homeowners sometimes inadvertently cause their system to malfunction because they do not keep the outside condenser free from plants, weeds, grass, and leaves that can cause limitations in air flow. Plant growth should be kept at least two-feet away, and leaves, weeds, and grass need to be kept at a minimum and properly maintained.

Having Repair Issues?

If you are dealing with an AC system that is not working properly, it is important you call in the professionals to have it inspected. They can make sure you no longer are dealing with performance issues with your Air Conditioning in Davenport FL. Visit the website to know more about Charles M Watts AC.

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