Don’t Hire an HVAC Company Without Checking These Things

What could be worse than finding out that your HVAC isn’t working right in the middle of summer? With high temperatures, that could be disastrous in Jacksonville. An HVAC company is available at a moment’s notice, fortunately for anyone in this unlucky situation. But how do you know they’re right for the job? Even more importantly, how do you know they are someone you can trust? Some tips anyone thinking of hiring an HVAC company should know are presented below.

Ask for Their License

In many places, including Jacksonville, and HVAC company is required to be licensed. Most reputable companies will be licensed. However, there may be a few who aren’t but try to slip through the cracks because they know most people won’t know to ask about it.

If you are unsure, you can easily confirm this information with your local state government.

And Their Insurance

Insurance is something that every potential HVAC contractor you look into should have. Even the best, most experienced, technicians can have an accident. Part of being a mature professional is recognizing this. Besides, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong and for you to end up holding the bag. Their liability insurance will protect should there be damage or injury.

Read Up on Their References

When inviting anyone into your home in Jacksonville, an HVAC company or any other type of contractor, you want to know that they’re good people. It isn’t just about a job well done. It’s also about the safety of you and your family. References are a way of verifying how professionally a company’s technicians behaved in someone else’s home, as well as how competent they were.

If you’ve decided to ask for references, be sure to actually call them, too. Of course, it’s a good sign if they do provide references when ask. But they just might be banking on the fact that you won’t actually check them out for yourself. So do your homework!

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