Common Issues with Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX and How to Fix Them

There are plenty of repair issues a homeowner will have to deal with during the time they live in the home. For some homeowners, a problem they may have to address from time to time is Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX. There are plenty of potential issues. Here are a few common problems that may come up that could require the attention of professional HVAC repair services.

Problems with Outside Heat Exchange

The first issue that often occurs are problems with the compressor unit’s fan not working. The fan on an outside unit is meant to exchange heat from the compressor itself. Should the fan stop working, it could cause a safety overload, which will effectively shut down the compressor due to overheating.

In more extreme situations, it could cause internal issues with the compressor, especially if the compressor overheats on a regular basis. In these situations, the compressor and fan unit may need to be replaced. This can cost a significant amount of money. If this happens, it’s best to have an HVAC service replace the fan and check the compressor for any possible damage.

Coil Issues

Frozen coils, which are most often found on the outside unit, could indicate an airflow issue. Fortunately, this can be rectified by changing the AC filter, which can be done without the help of a professional HVAC company. However, if the air handler coils freeze up, it can be a sign that the system is low on coolant.

This could require the expert services of a company like J & S Air Inc in Austin TX. Not only will the system need to be recharged with proper levels of coolant, the repair service will need to determine if the low levels of coolant is from normal evaporation or if there is a leak that has resulted in low coolant levels.

There are a host of other repair issues far too numerous to mention in this limited article. The thing to remember is that many of these issues will require professional Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX to fix. That’s why, whether it’s a minor issue or something more significant, you may need to call on a repair service to get to the bottom of any issues your HVAC system is experiencing.

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