Tips for Extending the Life of Your Residential HVAC System

Any homeowner can tell you that heating and cooling bills are often some of the most expensive. Because heating and cooling your home is a monthly cost, you might as well do everything you can to keep that cost as low as possible. In addition to working with a reputable HVAC service in Riverdale to drive down monthly prices, there are a few basic tips you can put to good use.

Make Sure You Have the Right Size

If you’re due for a new HVAC system, make sure you get the right size. There’s a chance the system you have now is either too big or too small for your home, which is certainly hitting you in the wallet. Have an HVAC professional perform a load calculation so you can narrow down your options and prevent having a system that’s constantly running or one that triggers moisture problems.

Change Your Air Filters

Do yourself a favor and install reusable air filters in your home rather than ones you have to throw away each time they become dirty or clogged. By keeping your air filters nice and clean, you can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by as much as 10%.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Work with an HVAC service in Riverdale to create a maintenance schedule so you can make yourself aware of minor issues your system might have before they become major problems that impact overall performance. Usually, you’ll need to have your system maintained at least once a year. Besides looking for problems, maintenance inspections should include a cleaning of all necessary parts and a drain line flush.

By paying close attention to your home’s HVAC system and its needs, you’ll not only improve your overall comfort, but the life of your system as well. Make things easy on yourself and put your phone’s calendar and reminder apps to good use. For more information about HVAC service, visit website.

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