Importance of Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems in Fair Oaks CA

To ensure optimal performance and derive maximum comfort from the use of air conditioning systems, individuals are advised to schedule regular maintenance services. Maintenance increases the energy efficiency of the unit resulting in reduced utility bills and operating costs. In most cases, proper and regular maintenance services double the lifespan of the unit, enabling homeowners to save on replacement costs.

Additional Stress

Research shows that every year, air conditioning systems lose about 5% of their efficiency if they are not properly maintained. This means that the efficiency and effectiveness of one’s cooling unit decrease as the years go by. This places the system under additional stress since it is forced to work harder to deliver the same cooling capacity. It also increases the likelihood of the system’s components being damaged and makes it more liable to develop faults.

Poor Air Quality

Poorly maintained cooling units have been known to worsen the condition of individuals with respiratory illnesses. This is due to the poor quality of air being circulated by the system. Over time, the coils and filters of Air Conditioning Systems in Fair Oaks CA become clogged with dirt and grime, and this renders the system unable to properly filter the air. In most cases, the clogged dirt is forced through the system and is disseminated to the internal environment.

Check Freon and Coolant Levels

When performing a routine maintenance check, professional air conditioning contractors should check the level of Freon or coolant within the system to ensure that it is at optimal levels. A drop in the level of coolant makes the system to work harder, increases electrical costs and causes excessive wear and tear on the system’s components. The ACCA (i.e., the Air Conditioning Contractors of America) recommends that the Freon levels of air conditioning systems should be checked at least once a year.

Take Electrical Readings

When undertaking routine maintenance, expert A.C technicians test the amperage and voltage of all the components of the cooling unit to ensure that they are in proper working condition. A deviation from the expected readings for a particular component indicates an issue. If the deviation is serious enough, the technician may recommend a replacement.

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