Get Ready For Summer With AC Service In Punta Gorda FL

Although there’s been a lot of cold temperatures this winter in the area, now is a great time to start thinking about getting your home ready for summer with AC Service in Punta Gorda FL. The unpredictable weather could lead to an early heat wave and when an air conditioner has already been inspected and serviced, a homeowner can feel confident they will stay comfortable when the heat and humidity arrive.

Regular maintenance on an air conditioner is just as important as regular maintenance on a car. When an air conditioner is regularly inspected, it will use the least amount of energy and keep a home comfortable. Minor adjustments or cleaning of an air conditioning will reduce the chance of a major breakdown when a homeowner needs their unit the most.

Air Ducts

Leaks in the air ducts in a home will cause uncomfortable temperatures and a large amount of wasted energy. The seams of the ductwork can become loose and leak cold air. Ductwork should be properly sealed and insulated for the maximum comfort and lower energy use in a home.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance should be performed every six months on an air conditioner, and the company who is performing the AC Service in Punta Gorda FL should always send a factory-trained technician. Preventative maintenance can detect leaks in the system, poor electrical contacts, rust, and other damage that can affect the operation of an air conditioner. A well-tuned air conditioner can reduce the chances of unexpected failures during operation.

Duct Cleaning

The ductwork for an air conditioning system should be cleaned and inspected by an experienced HVAC contractor. Mold, mites, and harmful bacteria can grow in the ductwork and cause health concerns in a home. A homeowner should change their filter at least every 30 days to reduce the amount of dust, but they will not remove many harmful things that can get trapped in the ductwork.

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