The Advantages of an Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks

When it comes to heating water inside of a home, many people choose a gas-powered water heater. There are many considerations to think about, but often times, the only consideration people give any thought to is how much more affordable using a gas water heater is compared to an Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks. However, even though affordability is an important consideration, there are other things to think about that could potentially make an electric hot water heater a better option.

More Durable

Electric water heaters have far less moving parts than a gas water heater. As such, on average, an electric water heater tends to last longer. Depending on just how long the electric water heater lasts, this could make a significant difference in the amount of money spent from the purchasing, installation, and operation of an electric water heater compared to a gas unit.

No Need for Ventilation

A gas-powered water heater will need at least 6 inches to as much as 18 inches of ventilation space on either side and on the top of the water heater. This means that the water heater can only be placed in very specific locations. An electric water heater doesn’t need ventilation, which means that with small water heaters, it can be placed in a corner of the closet or a basement without taking up a great deal of space.


From a standpoint of operations, an electric water heater is much safer than a gas water heater. Gas lines can leak and even the slightest spark can lead to smaller or sometimes significant and devastating explosions inside of the home.

There are plenty of other things to consider, such as the fact that purchasing an electric water heater is cheaper than gas water heaters, the cost for installing an electric water heater is much less and electric water heaters are far easier to install timers than with a gas unit. The bottom line is that when it comes to an Electric Water Heater in Sparks, it’s very easy to see why they have been and continue to be a popular option. If you’d like to learn more about your water heating options, or you want to purchase and have an electric water heater installed in your home, you may want to contact Paschall Plumbing Heating and Cooling.

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