Now is a Great Time To Get Your Air Conditioner in Wichita Kansas Serviced or Installed

Although the cold weather is still in the area, now is a great time to get your air conditioner in Wichita Kansas installed or serviced. Waiting until the heat arrives could leave an individual uncomfortable when the air conditioning system isn’t working properly. Early detection of a problem with the air conditioning system gives an owner time to determine the best course of action before the heat and humidity returns.


A tune-up and inspection should be performed on an air conditioning system because it can lower a user’s energy costs and reduce the chance of a major breakdown. Coolant levels will be checked and refilled if it’s low. A tune-up and inspection will extend the longevity of the cooling system.

Air Conditioner Connected With The Furnace

The furnace that’s been operating all winter will need to be inspected before the air conditioner is used. The blower motor or connections might be loose or in need of lubrication. Belts that operate the blower motor could be worn or frayed and need to be replaced.

In addition to the operation of the furnace and air conditioner, the ductwork should be inspected for any signs of leaks.

Other Services During A Tune-Up

During a tune-up, an Air Conditioner in Wichita Kansas will have the coil inspected and cleaned because dirty evaporator coils will decrease energy efficiency. The condensation drain will be cleaned because a clog can cause an expensive water problem. The volts and amps on the fan motor will be monitored for optimal performance.

The thermostat will be calibrated and the pressure of the refrigerant will be monitored. The condenser coil for heat removal will be inspected for optimum performance and many other safety and operation checks.

New Air Conditioner

If a home has an air conditioner is more than ten years old, a homeowner should consider replacing it with an energy-efficient unit that will lower energy costs and improve comfort in a home. The money a homeowner saves on energy costs with a new unit will offset the cost.

If you’re interested in being ready for the heat and humidity this summer and reduce energy costs, check out.

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