Yearly Central AC Service in Wyoming MI Functions as a Tuneup for the System

Many people choose to spend more on a top-quality central air conditioner so they will have peak energy efficiency, but then they don’t bother to have the system maintained by a professional heating and cooling technician. Even in a relatively cool climate like that of southern Michigan, yearly AC service in Wyoming MI is important for preventing breakdowns and keeping efficiency at optimum levels. It also extends the longevity of the equipment.

A Tuneup for the Heating and Cooling System

Homeowners might think of this annual AC Service in Wyoming MI as similar to a vehicle tuneup, in which parts are inspected and lubricated, and some components might be replaced if their condition has deteriorated. Ideally, an appointment for central air maintenance is scheduled soon before the warm months arrive, and another appointment is scheduled for furnace maintenance in late summer or early fall. Many people choose to have these projects done during the same appointment, however.

Examples of Maintenance Tasks

Technicians from an organization such as Kroll Furnace Co. complete numerous duties for maintaining the central air unit and the interior equipment during this appointment. They make sure the unit is level, since the underlying structure can sink over the years due to normal ground shifts. They check refrigerant levels and look for indications of leaks. They evaluate the blower and clean its components. These are just a handful of the tasks completed by technicians during maintenance and inspection.

Homeowners can do their own maintenance for their central air system by changing the filter as recommended and covering the compressor during the months when it’s not in use. Only the top should be covered, since enclosing the entire unit traps moisture and creates a haven for mice.

Concluding Thoughts

Many area residents prefer to have heating and cooling maintenance, repair and installation work completed by a locally owned company that has been in business for decades. They want a company that offers emergency service at all hours of the day if any of the equipment ever does break down. Visit us at the website to learn more about an organization that fits this description.

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