Surprises Sometimes Found by Technicians Doing Heating & Cooling Maintenance in Citrus Heights CA

Technicians who provide Heating & Cooling Maintenance in Citrus Heights CA sometimes find surprising things going on with the system. Their discoveries explain situations like extraordinarily high utility bills and inconsistent climate control in various rooms. Customers should not hesitate to ask questions if they are dissatisfied with the equipment’s function.

Heat Pump Issues

Oddly enough, for homes with heat pumps, it’s possible for the heat and the air conditioning to run at the same time. This usually results from errors during installation of the thermostat. Heat and cool air combine and flow through the vents. The household residents eventually call the electric company or an HVAC contractor for assistance because the home always feels too warm during the summer and the electric bills are shockingly high.

Zoned Electric Heating

This problem also can happen in homes with central air conditioning and zoned electric heating in each room. The individual thermostats are convenient and can save the household money on heat bills during the cooler months. However, if somebody turns up one of those thermostats and forgets about it, the electric bills skyrockets as the weather gets warmer. Essentially, the central air system and the heat in that room do battle with each other. The problem is particularly pronounced if the room in question contains the thermostat running the central air.

Clogged Air Filters

During Heating & Cooling Maintenance in Citrus Heights CA, technicians sometimes find an air filter that is so dirty and clogged with debris that it’s making the central air and furnace work much harder than should be necessary. That leads to higher utility bills since the system must run longer to maintain the set temperature. It also will shorten the lifespan of the equipment.

Inconsistent Climate Control

Customers of a company such as Golden Aire Heating &Air Conditioning should ask the maintenance tech about why certain rooms may not get enough heat or cool air. A loose duct pipe connected with a vent might be the problem. In some cases, one room is situated so far from the furnace or central air unit that the ductwork is inadequate. Technicians usually can install an extra duct and register to resolve the problem. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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