Guide to Choosing HVAC Contractors in Lewes, DE

Delaware homeowners make significant investments in their homes’ HVAC systems. They hire HVAC Contractors in Lewes DE to keep their systems running efficiently. Homeowners can be daunted at the thought of hiring an HVAC contractor, especially in the midst of an HVAC emergency that never seems to happen at an ideal time. Those who follow these tips will ask the right questions to find a high-quality HVAC contractor for their home.

Find a Reputable Contractor

A good reputation is everything with home service work. Ask friends and neighbors about HVAC contractors they have used in the past. Find out if they were happy with their service and plan to use the contractor again. Look at contractor reviews on websites such as Google and Angie’s List Stay away from contractors with numerous negative reviews.

Get Multiple Estimates

Contact at least three potential HVAC companies and request an estimate. Be wary of any contractor that diagnoses over the phone without inspecting your home. A high-quality HVAC contractor will want to look at the HVAC unit to get an understanding of the system requirements and see any problems firsthand. Ask for a detailed written estimate showing the cost of supplies and labor. Ask about equipment warranties and if the contractor backs up the labor with a warranty.

Establish a Relationship

Ideally, a homeowner is looking to hire a company when there is not an emergency repair needed. The homeowner then has the opportunity to hire an HVAC contractor to complete maintenance work or a minor repair. The homeowner can see the contractor at work and get a feel for their professional demeanor and skill.

Verify Insurance

Be sure to hire a contractor that is adequately insured. This protects both the homeowner and the contractor in case an accident or injury occurs when they are working on your property.

Choosing the Right Contractor

HVAC Contractors in Lewes DE perform standard maintenance procedures, repairs, and new installations of residential and commercial HVAC systems. Be sure to select a reputable, licensed contractor with adequate insurance. It helps to develop a working relationship with the contractor to better facilitate emergency service when it becomes necessary. Be sure to carefully consider the written estimates and choose a contractor with whom you feel most comfortable. For more information about HVAC contractors or to request an estimate, go to

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