Common Problems That Require Industrial Air Conditioner Repair in Fairfax, VA

The air conditioner is one of the most common appliances used in industrial settings. In many factories and industries, regulating the temperature is very important. Industrial air conditioners are significantly larger than other models and are designed to cover a much greater area. They are also able to reduce the temperature significantly, depending upon the industrial requirements. However, like any other machine used in different industries, the air conditioner is also susceptible to certain issues. If you do not maintain it properly, the air conditioner might break down altogether. Here are some common problems that require industrial air conditioner repair in Fairfax, VA.

Refrigerant Leak

Like all other air conditioners, the industrial air conditioner has a refrigerant within that helps in cooling the air. If the refrigerant leaks, the air conditioner will stop cooling altogether. This is one of the most common problems that require professional industrial air conditioner repair. If you want to get a leak sealed, you should visit us website. You can call the company’s helpline and set up an appointment with them to get your air conditioner checked and repaired. They will seal leaks and weld the pipes carefully to make sure a leak does not occur again.

Electrical Control Failure

The power supplied to the industrial air conditioner is controlled by an electrical controller. If the electrical controller fails, you will see an error code on the display screen, and the air conditioner will stop working altogether. It is necessary that you contact a reputable industrial air conditioner repair company that specializes in repairing industrial heating and ventilation equipment to get the electrical controller repaired quickly and efficiently. These are some common problems that require professional repair work.

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