Reasons to Do Heating and Air Conditioner Installation in Bellingham WA at the Same Time

The heating and air conditioning system in a home ensures balanced, comfortable temperatures all year long. When one of them goes out, it is very tempting to simply replace the one that no longer works. Professionals will agree that taking care of the new heating and air conditioner installation in Bellingham WA is better to do at once. Here are the reasons it is ideal.

Efficiency and Savings

Depending on the age of the HVAC system in the home, the newer the model the more energy efficient it will be. This uses less energy and can help to lower the power bills. When one unit goes out, like a furnace for example and a homeowner only replaces it, the heating costs will go down. However, if the air conditioner isn’t updated, the home will not be energy efficient. It turns out to be counterproductive.
Upgrading the full system also ties everything to one warranty that covers repairs down the road. Sometimes there are discounts and deals because a person opts to install new equipment for heating and cooling at the same visit.

The older the system is, the more likely it is that it will need frequent service and repairs. This is only wasting money that could have been applied to a new unit. An older system can cause stress to the newer piece of equipment and possibly shorten its lifespan.

Compatible Together

When old and new technology attempt to work together, there is a risk of poor performance. The newly installed furnace will not be able to operate at optimal levels when an older air conditioning unit is attached, and vice versa. Matching systems are always more compatible, which leads to a better operating system and savings in your wallet.

Many times, heating and air conditioning share parts like the blower, compressor, and thermostat. Units that are mismatched can cause the temperature to be inconsistent, which is a good sign that the HVAC isn’t functioning as well as it should. Units that go together are also easier to install and cause less disruption during the process.

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