How Do Heating And Cooling Systems Work?

A lot of the times, people ask and even use heating and cooling systems without knowing how these systems work. It is important to know how these systems work so that you can have insight if your system breaks down and needs HVAC Repair Service. So how do these heating and cooling systems work?

Heating System
These heating systems have three basic components. First, is the source of warm air. There has to be where these air that is used to distribute in the room or building comes from. Second, is the means of distributing the heat to a room or a building. Third, is a control mechanism that controls the heat. A heating system can be powered by fuel or other mechanisms used for power. This fuel could be gas or oil. Modern heating systems use the other powering mechanism which is electricity. The fuel (oil is gas) or electricity, is burned to produce heat that is channeled through a duct which is blown out by radiators and thus heating your home or building. Regulation of heat is done using a thermostat. These adjust and controls the heat based on your needs and preferences.

Cooling System
A cooling system works basically like the heating system but with a few differences. For instance, a cooling system, for example, gets its heat from the outside air and then that air is redistributed inside your house or building. In a cooling system, there is a cooling coil that aids in the cooling of the air which is later channeled to your room, house or building. Cooling and heating systems use the same principle to operate. One notable difference is that a cooling system has a cooling coil that has a refrigerant that cools the air and then distributes to your room, home or even building. You would certainly get these heating and cooling systems at Air McCall in Neptune Beach FL.

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