Technicians Providing Heating Services in Baltimore County MD and a Failing Heat Exchanger

Technicians with a company that provides installation, maintenance, and repair of Heating Services in Baltimore County MD sometimes have to tell a customer that the furnace must be replaced within a short time. Often this is because the appliance is very old, and so much wear and tear have taken place that the risk of a carbon monoxide leak is getting too high.

The Heat Exchanger

The problem is with the heat exchanger, which separates the area of combustion from the air sent into the home. A tight seal around this exchanger is crucial to prevent harmful gases from leaking out. Eventually, in every furnace, this component wears out. If this happens much earlier than normally expected, the technicians may be able to replace the component. In most cases, however, the furnace is so old that replacing this part is pointless and a waste of money. The technicians usually will not do it.

Trying to Delay Replacement

Because a new furnace is such a big expense, homeowners may try to think of ways they can delay replacement work from Heating Services in Baltimore County MD. If the technicians have verified that there is not yet any carbon monoxide leaking from the exchanger, they might think about relying on their CO2 detector. This is a dangerous decision, though. The smallest members of the family will be affected by CO2 poisoning the worst, which includes babies, small children, and pets.

A Health Hazard

In many cases, the technicians simply are experienced enough to know when a heat exchanger is about to become a health hazard. The seal may not have separated yet, but they can tell that it most likely will within the next few months. If they do find a place where CO2 may be leaking out, no matter how small the crack is, they will shut the furnace down and put a red tag on it. It is no longer safe to use.
Annual maintenance and inspection for furnaces are strongly encouraged, even for newer models. The older the appliance gets, the more essential this service by a company like Maryland Heating & Air becomes to prevent serious issues from developing.

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