4 Things to Do Before Calling for Seasonal Heating Repair in Washington, NJ

On the first chilly day of fall or winter, people will turn on their heating systems for the first time of the season. It’s quite common for problems to arise because systems have remained unused for several months, and emergency Heating Repair in Washington NJ is in high demand. Before turning on the heater, it’s a good idea to perform the following maintenance steps.

Change the Air Filter

Proper filtration is crucial to the furnace’s operation. If the filter is clogged and dirty, the unit works harder than necessary. This leads to premature aging, overheating, and gradual system failure. Depending on the system installed in the home, there may be more than one filter to change. They’re typically located on return air vents or on the side of the unit.

Clean the Area Around the Heater

Before turning on the heat, take a few minutes to ensure there’s nothing stacked near the furnace. If the area is cluttered, it presents a serious fire hazard. Keep the area around the furnace clear of household items, boxes, and other objects. Sweep the floor to remove dirt and dust that may be pulled into the unit, and if there’s an outside heat pump, clear it of branches, leaves, and debris. Finally, trim back shrubs and branches so there is at least five feet of room around the front and sides of the unit.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

During the pre-winter maintenance check, it’s a good time to change the batteries in the home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If there are no detectors in a home equipped with a fuel-burning furnace, install them as soon as possible.

Call a Professional for a Furnace Tune-Up

Getting a tune-up before the beginning of the heating season is a simple way to keep everything in working order. The technician will perform various system checks and make a note of any necessary Heating Repair in Washington NJ. With a pre-season tune-up, customers can avoid sudden breakdowns on cold days.

For help keeping the home’s heating unit functional, or to schedule a seasonal tune-up, get in touch today. Browse our website for more details or call to request an appointment.

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