Signs it’s Time to Call an HVAC Company to Inspect Underground Pipes in Omaha, NE

Geothermal heating systems have only become popular in recent decades, but in that time they’ve sprung up all across the country. These efficient and technologically advanced climate control systems allow homeowners to maintain stable temperatures year-round by harnessing the heating and cooling power of the earth, but they can’t last forever. Read on to find out whether it might be time to have the Underground Pipes in Omaha NE that are responsible for transferring geothermal heat repaired or replaced.

Age of Ground Loops

The pipes used in geothermal heating systems can usually be expected to survive around 50 years without maintenance or replacement. These pipes are used to circulate water or antifreeze rather than refrigerant, so the signs that they have sprung leaks may not be as obvious as homeowners would assume. Readers whose geothermal heat pumps are more than 50 years old may want to simply call to have them inspected regardless of whether there are additional signs of trouble.

Reduction in Heating or Cooling Power

One of the most obvious signs that one or more components of a geothermal system have failed is a dramatic reduction in efficiency. If the home is no longer staying as warm as it should be in the winter, there may be a leak in the system’s pipes.

Outdoor Leaks

Since most of the Underground Pipes in Omaha NE used to fuel geothermal systems are carrying water, rather than refrigerant, a leak may appear as a wet spot on the lawn or even an exceptionally green patch of grass. These may also be signs of leaks in water mains or even sewer lines, but if the wet spot appears at around the same time as a reduction in the home’s heating efficiency, chances are they’re originating in the underground geothermal loop.

Ice on Coils

If ice is forming on the indoor coils when the system is in cooling mode, this may be due to a potentially substantial leak. Call Accurate Heating & Cooling to have the system evaluated, especially if the ice appears in conjunction with one or more of the other warning signs listed above. Browse website to learn about this HVAC company and how they can help today.

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