Residential Heating System Maintenance In Covington GA Should Be Performed During The Summer Months

During the summer months is the best time to have residential heating system maintenance in Covington GA performed. Preventative maintenance now can eliminate a problem when the heating system needs to be used, and in many cases, a discount is offered on repairs in the future. A tune-up of the heating system will increase its performance, decrease energy costs, and lessen the chance of a major breakdown from occurring. When the first cold air of the season arrives, the heating system will be ready to keep everyone warm and cozy.

An Owner Can Help With Maintenance

One thing an owner can do to extend the life of their heating system is to replace the air filter. Allowing the air to flow freely through the system will reduce stress on the unit. Air returns should not be blocked so the proper airflow can return through the heating system. Although this type of maintenance seems to be minor, it is very important for extending the life of the heating system.

Tune-Ups Are Important

Regular maintenance can extend the life of the heating system and includes:

1. Clean and adjust burner assembly and blower components.

2. Test safety controls and starting capabilities.

3. Clean ignition assembly, evaporator could if accessible, condenser coil and condensate drains.

4. Measure the temperature difference in the unit.

What Other Services Can A Heating And Air Conditioning Company Perform?

In addition to Residential Heating System Maintenance in Covington GA, an HVAC company can perform repair and installation of water heaters, furnaces and boilers, and air ductwork. Equipment that is installed by an experienced company will include a ten0year warranty on most of the products and a one-year warranty on their labor. An owner can also purchase extended warranties for most the new systems that are installed.

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