Technicians Providing Residential HVAC Service in Guntersville, AL Can Handle Complicated Projects

Heating and cooling technicians working for a licensed HVAC Service in Guntersville, AL have experience with the most complex residential installation and repair work. They provide service ranging from annual maintenance to minor and major repair work to full installation of central air equipment and furnaces. New thermostats also can be installed, as can optional equipment like whole-house dehumidifiers and air purifiers.

Hot and Cold Spots

An example of a bit more complicated task than the norm would be addressing an area in the home that is always a hot spot in summer and a cold spot in winter. The household residents may have been using a space heater during cold weather in this room and a floor fan when exterior temperatures are very warm. Neither is all that satisfactory, though.

Technicians providing HVAC Service in Guntersville, AL can add an extra duct and register to that room, so the air conditioning and furnace heat reach it more effectively. Often these problems result from the HVAC system being located at one end of a long ranch house. The room furthest away loses climate control. The household residents will be surprised at how much the situation improves with this extra feature.

Deciding on Energy Efficiency Level

Representatives with a contractor such as Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist can help homeowners decide which equipment is right for them when they are ready for a new installation. With the many different models available today, deciding without expert guidance can be confusing. They’ve heard, for example, that they should get the highest efficiency appliance on the market, but these are priced highest as well.

Variable-Speed Equipment

With single-stage and multi-stage models available today, representatives can explain the advantages of each. Multi-stage and variable-speed furnaces and air conditioners allow for the equipment to work at a lower capacity when the highest speed isn’t necessary. These appliances help homeowners save energy when they want to maintain a consistent temperature in the building and also help them change the temperature quickly with the higher fan speed. Anyone interested in learning about one particular contractor may want to see their Facebook page.

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