When You May Need Emergency AC Repair Services in McDonough, GA

If your conditioner stops working suddenly during the summer months, it can pose a great inconvenience to you and your family. In hot climates, the home can get hotter much faster in the summer than in cooler climates. In fact, inside the home without air conditioning can feel worse than being outside. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to the dangers of hot temperatures. This includes the potential for heat stroke or heat exhaustion. When your AC breaks down suddenly, you need emergency AC repair. McDonough, GA homeowners can rely on the dependable services offered by experienced HVAC professionals to solve AC issues quickly.

These situations often call for emergency air-conditioning repair:

Air Conditioning Unit Will Not Start
If your AC unit suddenly stops working, you are going to need the services of a qualified emergency AC repair technician. There may be a problem with a circuit breaker located outside of the unit, the thermostat, or another mechanical issue with your air conditioning unit.

AC System Not Delivering Cool Air
A common issue involving AC repair is when the AC fails to produce cool air. In the summer heat, if all you are getting is warm air from your vent, something is not working right with your air conditioning system. A possibility is that the condenser coil is stalled. If the circuit breaker has a blown fuse or has been tripped, the condenser may fail. Another issue may be a low refrigerant level in the AC unit. In other cases ductwork features may be leaking cool air, not allowing it to enter into your home.

AC Making Unusual Sounds
Another problem that may require emergency AC repair is when your AC unit makes unusual sounds, such as vibrations or loud rattling noises. The problem may involve the system’s air handler which circulates in regulates air through the ductwork. Another problem may be an incorrect installation of the AC unit. If a squealing sound occurs, you may have a slipped belt on a belt driven air handler. If you hear these sounds, shut the unit off and immediately call an emergency AC service provider.

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