Do You Need an HVAC Repair in Contra Costa County, CA?

Whether you need to repair or replace your HVAC system depends on its age and its overall safety. Your major concern should be towards safety. If your heating system represents a safety hazard at this time, you definitely need to replace it. There is no alternative when it comes to making things secure for your family.

Is Your Heat Exchanger in Good Shape?

For instance, an HVAC repair in Contra Costa County, CA might involve a heat exchanger that has cracked. If you don’t replace the exchanger right away, deadly carbon monoxide could seep through your home. Naturally, you don’t want to increase the risk for this type of event. If the furnace is 15 to 20 years old, you need to switch out more than the exchanger. While replacing the exchanger should be done immediately, you still need to install a new furnace.

An HVAC repair depends heavily on the age of the furnace. To find out the date of your furnace, look for the installation date on the inside of the furnace’s chamber door. A metal ID plate will feature model and serial number. Call the manufacturer for the date of the unit. On newer furnaces, the installation date may be written on the unit.

How Often Have You Used Your Furnace?

Another factor that will cause you to choose an HVAC repair or replacement is how often you have used your furnace. A 12-year-old furnace may need to be replaced before a furnace that is 14 years old because it has been used more frequently. If your furnace is older and you have not been using it for the past two years, for example, you can wait to make a replacement.

Regardless of your HVAC system’s current condition, you will always need to have it checked annually. By having it inspected, you can ensure that any small repair remains a small repair and does not trigger a major repair later. Visit our website today to schedule an inspection for your HVAC system.

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