Is Yearly Air Conditioning Maintenance for Denver CO Homes Really Necessary?

Homeowners commonly hear that annual inspection and maintenance of their heating and cooling system is important, but they may be skeptical. In particular, they may be skeptical about these Air Conditioning Maintenance Denver CO requirements. The central air system is operated much less frequently than the heating system is, so why would both systems need yearly maintenance?

Furnace vs. Central Air Maintenance

In reality, annual central air inspection and service probably is not required the way that it is with a furnace. If a furnace breaks down on a Saturday night when the outside temperature is below freezing, this is most likely an emergency. A maintenance appointment in fall can prevent breakdowns since the technician makes adjustments and replaces worn components. In addition, an annual inspection is crucial for older equipment because of the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. Heating and cooling technicians know when this risk is elevated.

When it comes to Air Conditioning Maintenance Denver CO residents may not feel this is essential. However, because the system becomes less efficient over the year, they will spend more on electricity to run the equipment. As with the furnace, they increase the risk of the system breaking down at a very inconvenient moment.

Central Air Lifespan

Central air units last, on average, about 15 years. Of course, the equipment’s lifespan varies a great deal depending on the climate in which the household is located. In nearly all cases, however, homeowners can extend the longevity of the central air system by having it maintained and inspected yearly. Working at higher efficiency means less wear and tear on the equipment. It does not have to run as long to keep the temperature comfortable in the house.

Understanding the Advantages

The choice to contact a contractor such as Rabbit Heating & Air to schedule annual service really is up to the homeowners. They can pay the affordable price for the maintenance service or potentially spend more on repair work during the hot and cold seasons. If the central air breaks down for good after 12 years, they’ll know they probably could have had at least another three years with annual maintenance. Anyone who understands the advantages may Click Here to get started.

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