Tips On Prevention of Plumbing Problems by a Plumber in Mt Pleasant, SC

Most people never give plumbing a thought until some sort of plumbing disaster occurs. This situation generally results in frustration due to the inconvenience these plumbing issues typically cause. Take some practical and simple tips on prevention of plumbing problems that a seasoned plumber in Mt. Pleasant, SC, swears by.

Water & Sewer Pipes Need Flushed Regularly to Prevent Clogs

When toilets and drains clog, it can disrupt family routines according to a local plumber from Mt. Pleasant, SC. Most clogs take time to build up to the point where water is actually stopped from flowing down through the pipes as it should. To avoid most plumbing related clogs, take a few minutes to properly flush out those lines on a regular basis.

Use Effective Preventative Plumbing Problem Measures

In sinks, tubs and showers, always use properly fitting drain stoppers with screens to catch hair, dirt, soap pieces and other debris before they ever make it into the drain where they are more difficult to reach and remove. Also, monitor young children and teach family members not to flush drain clogging items down the drains.

Cautions Regarding Water-Conserving Toilets

Ironically, many newer toilet models that feature a water conservation design end up causing plumbing clogs as toilet paper, human waste and other debris might not have enough water force to push it through the drains. Usually, flushing the toilet when pouring a bucket of water down it weekly prevents problems.

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