Why Dual-System Heat Pumps Are Perfect for Your La Quinta Desert Home

La Quinta rests on the edge of the Joshua Tree National Park. It is in the heart of California desert country, where it can be excruciatingly hot during the day, and freezing at night. Trying to maintain temperatures in your home during the day can be difficult, but a dual system heat pump can help. Here is how air conditioning services in La Quinta, CA, can help.

A Dual System Pump Regulates Temperature Around the Clock

This type of heat pump moves hot air out of your home during the day, making your home cooler. At night, the pump switches over to create heated air and puts the heated air back into your home. It is an effortless way to heat and cool a house with a single heating and cooling device.

A Heat Pump Is More Efficient for Desert Climes

A traditional central air unit has to work overtime in a desert clime to keep a house cool. Even the most efficient of central air conditioners would be using a lot of energy to do this day in and day out. The same goes for furnaces at night. Working really hard to heat your home when desert temperatures drop to thirty or forty degrees works against the already cooled house from earlier in the day. The heat pump can quickly turn the cool or hot temperature in your house around without using a lot of energy to do it.

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