Changing Furnace Location With HVAC Services in Nashua NH

Homeowners may wish the furnace in the house was in a different location, but they don’t care enough to try having it moved. When the time comes for furnace replacement, now they can ask a contractor providing HVAC services in Nashua, NH, whether the new one can be placed somewhere else. Changes must be made to the gas or oil lines, electrical wiring and other components.

Reasons for Furnace Relocation

Homeowners may want this project to be done if they want to have the basement finished for living space, but the furnace is in the way. Some houses have a furnace on the main floor in a utility room, but the homeowners might want that appliance to be in the basement instead. Contractors offering HVAC services in Nashua, NH, can do this work, but it will cost more than straightforward furnace replacement does.


Relocating a furnace more than a few feet can be tricky because of the chimney exhaust. Many older homes have the furnace in the middle of the basement with the chimney in the middle of the roof. Gas and oil plumbing lines would need to be extended.This can be an efficient design because warm air does not have to travel exceptionally far to any of the rooms. However, it can be inconvenient when adding living space in the lower level. Contractors can come to the home and evaluate the proposal, as well as provide an estimate for the work. Click here for more information.

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