The Importance of Air Conditioning Services Worcester, MA, for the Elderly

Even when someone has chosen to live without central air conditioning for decades, there may come a time when installation of this equipment becomes advisable. Elderly persons and those with certain health disorders can benefit greatly from having central air in the home. Contractors providing air conditioning services in Worcester, MA, are ready to complete the project.

Heat-Related Issues

Elderly men and women commonly have trouble adjusting to excessive heat and may not even realize they have become too warm. As bodies age, the ability to regulate temperature sometimes becomes impaired. Not recognizing that hot weather is making them feel very uncomfortable is particularly a problem for individuals with any level of dementia.

A person who lives alone and begins suffering heat stress is at significant risk of becoming very ill. This person may become nauseated or faint. Falling because of fainting could cause a bone fracture.

Prescription Medication Side Effects

Also, these individuals are more likely to be taking at least one, and often several, prescription medications that interfere with adjustment to hot weather. The ability to perspire effectively may be reduced, for example. Dehydration is a side effect of some medications when people do not drink enough water. For all of these reasons, scheduling central air installation with air conditioning services in Worcester, MA, is advisable.

Making sure elderly family members are safe during hot, muggy weather is essential. This can be accomplished by scheduling central air installation to be completed by Mid-State Air Systems, which offers information at Sitename.

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