Air Conditioner Repair Tips

My Air Conditioning Will Not Turn On

Potential causes: Oftentimes, the most likely culprit includes the simplest to remedy: The thermostat is not set correctly, or power is not reaching your air conditioning unit.
Fix: Be certain the thermostat is set to air condition or “cool,” the temperature setting is right, and the battery is fresh. Secondly, look at your circuit breaker: It could simply be a tripped fuse.

I Am Not as Comfy as I Was Last Year

Potential cause: Airflow is key to comfort, according to experts. If you are not comfortable, usually the problem is traced to airflow problems.
Fix: Change your filter. (You must do this as a portion of routine HVAC maintenance anyway.) Depending upon the filter quality, the quantity of individuals residing in the home, and if there are animals, the filter must be changed every 30 to 60 days.

My Energy Bills are Unusually High

Potential cause: An increase in operating costs usually indicates inefficient operation. After a filthy filter, the most likely reason includes a choked condensing coil. Situated inside of the outside unit, the coil has endless cooling fins — similar to an automobile radiator — which may accumulate debris and dust.
Fix: Call a HVAC Company for your spring tune-up.

Unusual Noises during Operation and Startup

Potential cause: Ticking, buzzing, or rattling? Here is the good news: the cause may be no more than a loose screw. Here is the bad news: it might be caused by a bent fan blade or bum blower motor.
Fix: If you are lucky, a simplistic tightening here and lubricating there is going to fix the issue. If not, you may require a new fan blade or fan motor.

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