Try These Troubleshooting Tips Before You Call for Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC

If you live in a warm environment, an air conditioner is practically a necessity. You need it to keep you and your family cool, comfortable, healthy, and safe in your home. They’re especially helpful for people who have young children, the elderly, or have difficulties sleeping or concentrating on different tasks when they’re very hot. However, they can get pricey. If you work from home, you probably run your air conditioner more than the average person. That means you’re going to be more susceptible to air conditioning malfunction. The more you run it, the more likely it is to break down. You are going to need air conditioning repair more often; however, you don’t want to get it when it’s not necessary. Try these DIY steps before you call to make sure that you need of calling a professional.

Let It Rest for a While

Depending on what your air conditioner is doing, you might just need to let it rest. Air conditioner compressors pump very cold material through pipes to help you cool down. If you run your air conditioner for too long, that very cold material can cause your air conditioner to malfunction. Professionals tend to call this freezing your air conditioner.

You should turn off the actual air conditioner and just run the fan to help thaw it out. If that’s the actual problem, it should resolve itself in a few hours. However, if it frequently freezes up, you probably need a bigger or better air conditioner. A specialist in air conditioning repair in Charleston SC can help you decide if you need to replace it with a new unit.

Check the Batteries

Many people might not realize that their thermostats are the problem, not the actual unit. If you’re having air conditioner problems, check your thermostat. If you have an electronic thermostat, make sure it is functional. Sometimes, a new set of batteries can really enhance the performance of the thermostat. Before you make an expensive call to an air conditioning repair expert, try something as simple as changing the batteries in your thermostat.

Try Restarting It

One of the simplest fixes you should try is to turn your air conditioner off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. Often, you simply need to reestablish connection between the thermostat and the unit. If none of this works, you need to call an HVAC technician for a service call.

Even if these tips seem to work, if the problem occurs more than once, you should call Smoak’s Comfort Control. They could indicate your unit is having some kind of small problem that needs to be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem and more expensive issue at the wrong time.

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